Service Disruption – October 26, 2020 – Please note that delays of 3-5 days can be expected on freight travelling to and from NFLD due to disruptions in our partner’s vessel services as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance.


Winter Midland Truck

(December 2018) Midland drivers cover thousands of miles every year and need to regularly check equipment and plan their route to ensure a safe, smooth trip. Whether our drivers are delivering a package across the city or halfway around the country, pre-trip planning is always very useful. Do you want to be as prepared as our drivers? Here are some tips for planning safe trips during winter months!


1. Plan Your Route   

Before you leave your start location it is a good idea to plan stops and check points. Considering the expected weather conditions will ensure there are no surprises along the way. Know the distance between possible rest areas and gas stations to ensure you have a plan should unexpected conditions develop. Always remember to tell someone which route you’re taking and when you will be leaving.


2. Pack Proper Tools and Technology 

Having the proper resources can make all the difference if caught in a tough situation. Installing winter tires that are in good condition is always the best place to start. For longer or out of town trips ensure you have enough windshield wiper fluid, ice scrapers, a sufficiently charged cellphone, emergency blankets, flashlights, warm clothes, non-perishable food, and tools should you get stuck.                


3. Circle and Interior Checks 

Ensure your mode of transportation is in tip top condition before hitting the road. This means doing circle checks and ensuring everything under the hood is working as it should. Remember to fuel up and check fluid levels before leaving.


4. Stay Vigilant  

Ensure you have removed or minimized any distractions and are able to give the road your full attention. Drive defensively and adjust speed depending on road conditions. Listen to authorities and roadside signs warning of possible dangers or road closures.