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2019 Road Safety Week

Craig - RSF

(May 2019) Road Safety Week is an annual campaign aimed at encouraging public compliance with road safety laws across the country. The Canadian Safety Council, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, and the RCMP lead this initiative by educating the public and starting discussions centered around road safety. We are proud to take part in this road safety mission. Operating with the highest standards of safety is part of the culture we share at Midland.


By hiring qualified drivers, offering comprehensive training, and continuously developing our road safety plan, Midland works to ensure safe driving practices among employees. Our Fleet Safety Team spearheads our road safety mission by providing various training programs to our drivers throughout the year. Midland drivers who meet safe driving milestones are also inducted into the Million Mile Club where they receive a safe-miles bonus, the honorary Midland green jacket, and a banquet to celebrate their achievement.   

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