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Courier E-Commerce Solutions

Courier EDI and Web Services - ENG cut

EDI Solutions
• 210 - Invoicing
• 214 - POD Status Updates – Appt, Delivery, Delay status
Standard 4010 ANSI X12
Via FTP (preferred), VAN or AS2

Shipping Solutions
• Midland Courier Shipping system
     Web based
     o Label, Manifest, Rating and Shipment File creation
• Integration with Third Party 800-character standard format files

API Solutions
• Create Label
• Create Shipment
• Get Rate Quote
• Schedule and Cancel pick up
• Get Pro and Track shipment
• Get documents
JSON format file transfer

Other Ecommerce Solutions
• Emailing of Invoices
• POD, BOL and Controlled Shipment Log images via FTP or email
• No Signature Required (NSR) images via FTP or email
• Email notifications of shipment statuses
     o Pick-Up confirmation and exceptions
     o Appointment
     o Delays
     o Out for delivery
     o Delivery confirmation and exceptions
     o Shipment created

Website Tools
• Obtain Rate Quotes
• Track and Trace to obtain current shipment status
• Obtain images for including POD, BOL, and Controlled Shipment Logs
• Customize your own detailed shipment reports
• Calculate transit times
• Schedule pick-ups

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