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Robbie Toronto

(March 2019) Working in the transportation industry as a professional driver can be a very exciting and rewarding career path for many reasons. Truck drivers often receive a comprehensive compensation and benefits package for their time spent away from home. Trucking also offers the benefit of flexibility. Whether you want to stay within your city limits or venture across borders, the industry is sure to have a job that appeals to you. The transportation industry boasts higher-than-average employment opportunity, as e-commerce and shipping grow across Canada the demand for professional drivers is expected to continue. In fact, according to the Trucking Alliance of Canada, this need for professional truck drivers will only be increasing in the future. This opportunity to drive for a living stands out to many people. Here are some key qualities that top trucking companies look for when hiring.


You Enjoy Traveling  
If you enjoy staying out of the office and on the road, the transportation industry may be for you. Driving professionally offers the benefit of seeing something new and exciting every day. This constant change in scenery is a great way to experience new places, all while being paid.  


You Enjoy Working with People
Professional drivers are the face of the company, often interacting with customers on a regular basis. Remaining friendly and professional are vital qualities that transportation companies look for in their drivers. Enjoying human interaction will make it easier to be a professional driver, given that most positions require interaction with both co-workers and customers alike.


You Possess A Strong Work Ethic 
While companies often have the opportunity for employees to take advantage of overtime hours, the trucking industry in North America has seen an increased push towards a healthy work-life balance in order to attract new drivers. Being able to work efficiently and effectively is now more important than ever, as companies and drivers work together to balance work and time off.  


You Are Safety Conscious
Professional drivers need to operate with a constant focus on the safe transportation of their freight, themselves, and other drivers that share the road. Being able to focus on the task at hand while being aware of your surroundings are necessary to operate with a high level of safety.


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