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Healthy Living Tips For Long-Haul Drivers

Healthy Living Tips For Long-Haul Drivers

(April 2019) Long-haul drivers spend much of their time on the road, away from the conveniences of home. One challenge this creates is having to go without the health benefits that are not available during long-haul trips. Drivers need to find creative ways to supplement home-cooked meals, fitness facilities, and other health related amenities of home. So how can drivers stay healthy while on the road?


An important part of staying healthy during trips revolves around maintaining a healthy diet. Being mindful of the quantity and nutritional value of the food consumed while on the road is key in staying healthy. Cutting out or minimizing the intake of fatty foods and stimulants is also important when planning your diet. Although convenient, junk food and excessive caffeine intake can cause weight gain and have negatives effects on energy levels long term.


Exercise is another key component of staying healthy while on the road. Investing in weights, foldable bikes, or other compact exercise equipment can be a great way to meet exercise goals and can also help de-stress from the work day. If space is limited or financial restrictions exist, going for a walk or jog can also be a great way to clear your head and stay in shape. 

 Healthy Living Tips For Long-Haul Drivers 2

Because sleep plays a large role in regulating mood, hunger, and energy levels, having a consistent rest schedule is another vital contributor to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being well-rested also contributes to driver safety. Staying vigilant and avoiding drowsiness during trips is a necessity for all long-haul drivers. Investing in a comfortable sleep area is essential in ensuring drivers are healthy, well rested, and able to focus on the road.


Midland is committed to providing our drivers with the support needed to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Our knowledgeable Health and Wellness Team provides health related guidance and resources to all employees. Support from third-party health focused organizations is also at the disposal of our drivers through human resources partners such as Morneau Shepell. This investment in employee well-being results in more productive, safe, and happy Midland drivers.